About Us
Q: Who is Dave Ullman?

A: Dave is a 30 year advertising and marketing veteran who 's worked with some of Chicago's leading advertising agencies and marketing pros to create brand-building, response-generating, award-winning communications.

Currently as Head Mosquito, he is a freelance copywriter who collaborates with an eclectic bunch of ad agencies, marketing consultants, not-for-profit organizations and creative specialists. The goal of every project is to move the needle -- build awareness, change attitudes, create motivation and produce response.

Dave worked for more than a decade at Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago, one of Chicago's fastest growing, most creative ad agencies, followed by ten years at SRK, named one of America's Top 50 Healthcare Agencies. He has worked with clients as diverse as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Skil Power Tools, Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network, North Mississippi Medical Center, Rand McNally, LaSalle Banks (now Bank of America), Rust-Oleum, Helene Curtis (now Unilever), Sheraton Hotels and many other clients in other categories. His experience includes B2C, B2B and B2P communications in all media including print, online, TV, radio, outdoor, direct mail and sales support materials.

As head of Mosquito Communications, Dave's mission is to make big ideas work for little guys. Smaller entrepreneurial and start-up businesses, as well as new projects in larger organizations, deserve the same quality of communication strategies and smarts as the big guys get. Working with other knowledgeable marketing and creative freelancers, Dave puts together teams that address smaller marketing challenges that are BIG to the business people who have to handle them.

On our Home page you'll find some problems and solutions that we've worked on over the years. If you're intrigued and are looking for a marketing/communications partner, feel free to contact us at dave@mosquitocomm.com. Mosquito is for small organizations that can't afford anything less than big ideas.

Dave Ullman, Advertising Copywriter

Developed by Maureen Moore, the late, great Executive Creative Director at Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago and DDB/Chicago, the Ten Commandments are some of her suggestions to advertising people when practicing their craft.

Mosquito Communications believes these principles are just as valuable in the new media era as they were when they were written.


  1. Don't do ads. Tell the truth.
  2. Define the problem in 25 words or less (or you'll never find the solution).
  3. Remember the medium is the message.
  4. Think about what's already in people's heads.
  5. Trust your gut.
  6. Be human.
  7. Look at the problem from every angle.
  8. Keep it simple.
  9. Don't focus on what you want to say. Discover what people need to hear.
  10. Dedicate yourself to getting results for the client.
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